Each new season football clubs spend millions of pounds refurbishing their squads, adapting their backroom staff and preparing for the title race that lies ahead. It only seems fitting therefore that EA releases their newest variation of FIFA at the same time so that adoring fans can control their favourite teams from the comfort of their own couches. But, what are we getting for our money this year in FIFA 17?

The latest version of the game will have few notable differences to FIFA 16: changes to tackling, free kicks and the updated squads will all be significant, however, it’s the titles new “story” based game mode that’s been turning heads.

In FIFA 17 players will take control of Alex Hunter in a new narrative driven game mode. The Journey, or Marcus Rashford mode (as many fans have taken to calling it) will allow players the chance to play out the life of a young player on the cusp of turning pro.

In this new game mode, you can choose the team the Hunter plays for, influence his decisions and determine whether his career gets off to a running start or plays out warming the bench.

Whilst the new addition will limit players to Premier League clubs only, it could be a step in the right direction for a franchise that is often slated for its lack of development between editions.

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