It’s certainly a case of ‘New Year, New Me’ for our beloved Kojima, who has finally cast away the tyranny of his oppressive owners, Konami, the company, who for some reason think its okay to squander the efforts and creative vision of one of the most prolific game developers in the history of well, video games. Especially after he’s basically supplied Konami with their bestselling AAA western franchise, with 5 of his games in their top 10 for sales. It’s all very American Revolution.

After scrapping P.T, and putting Kojima under a tremendous amount of pressure for Phantom Pain, it still ended up becoming a Diamond, even if the conclusion at least partially remains on the cutting room floor.

Laden with 1984 references and Kojima’s name dropping every time you clear a mission, I think it will certainly live on as a piece of gaming history, the self-referential and almost cutting meta commentary standing as a lesson for the big publishers, don’t bite the hand that feeds you, or it’ll drag you down. It has even further meaning now, considering the unfortunate passing of David Bowie, one of Kojima’s main influences.

So, in a wonderful turn of events Kojima has been in talks with Andrew House, CEO of Sony, and in a heart-warming video they have confirmed an exclusive partnership, with Kojima Productions being turned into an independent studio in Tokyo, where Kojima and his right hand man Yoji Shinkawa have free reign and enough financial stability to craft more beautiful worlds for gamers to sink their teeth into.

All we have right now is a fancy new logo which looks like a knight’s helmet, but Kojima’s always been one for smoke and mirrors, and I can’t wait to see what he does next!

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