Spiders Games, known for their development of The Technomancer and Bound by Flame, have released a first teaser trailer for their new working title Greedfall. The trailer, which was showcased at Focus Home Interactive’s annual press event showed little in the was of game play but set the scene for an RPG driven by mystery, action and enchantment. 

Greedfall follows the story of a group of settlers, mercenaries and treasure hunters who set foot on a remote island rumoured to be filled with hidden secrets and gems. According to a recent post on Focus Home Interactive’s website, the player’s journey will place them in the middle of an ever-increasing feud between the invading settlers and the islands inhabitants – who are protected and by supernatural beings guided by the island’s earthly magic.

It remains unclear at this point whether the player’s character will be able to harness the mystical forces that govern the island, however, the trailer does provide insight into an array of weapons that will likely be accessible throughout the game. Taking inspiration from the early baroque period, the colonists appear to be equipped with weapons taken straight from the seventeenth century.

Spiders decision to produce an RPG that doesn’t stick traditionally to the parameters of a fantasy world gives it the freedom and potential to produce an original IP that’s worth getting excited for. However, with the game’s expected 2018 launch across Xbox One, PC and PS4, it looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer to see this one unfold.

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