Conan Exiles is a brutal little game. Most of the time you’ll be indulging in the nudity or the gore, making your way around the stone age environment on your lonesome.

Despite the ultimate joy of frolicking in the wilderness, Conan Exiles actually offers a robust companion system. The ‘companions’ in this game are named Thralls and essentially function as servant NPCs.

They can be used to guard a base, help with crafting an item, unlock weapons and even summon gods! You can also make them dance if you’re feeling super mean, but that one is down to you.

Getting your own personal Thrall is (as you can imagine) a bit of a task. Here’s a quick outline so you can quickly enslave the wasteland NPCs.

  • Ensure you’re Level 10 so you can learn the ‘Thrall Taker’ recipes, the Truncheon, Fibre Bindings and Lesser Wheel of Pain.
  • Find a Thrall
  • Knock them out with a Truncheon (don’t use a sharp weapon)
  • Drag them back to your base with Fibre Bindings
  • Craft a Wheel of Pain
  • Break their will on the Wheel of Pain
  • Feed them gruel to keep them alive during this arduous process
  • Once their will is broken, their speciality will be revealed, and the Thrall will do your bidding!

Jordan Oloman
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