It can get quite lonely out there in the stone age wasteland. If you aren’t content with vicious turtles or gross naked goblins chasing you around in the night, you may want to find some fellow barbarians and start a clan!

Everything is better with friends, and luckily Conan Exiles contains a robust clan system so that you can take advantage of this. Whether you want to craft a base, forage for resources or just free bird around the map with your swords in hand (no pun intended) a clan is a great way for you to connect and make the experience just that little bit better.

It also has some great physical benefits in-game. Everyone who is a member of a clan can build and share structures as well as resources. When you capture a Thrall (NPC) they are also attached to the whole clan, and summoning an avatar is much easier when you have a number of people working for the same goal.

Here’s a quick outline on how to create a clan and invite your friends…

  • Join a server (preferably with a friend unless you want to try to recruit strangers)
  • Press ESC and enter the ‘Clan’ menu. Choose a name and found your barbarian institution.
  • Once created, find your friends within the server
  • Whilst looking directly at them in-game, the clan leader must hold down E and choose the left option ‘Invite to Clan’
  • The other player will see a menu pop up, where they can accept or reject the offering
  • As soon as they accept they’re officially part of the clan
  • Go forth and cause havoc!

Jordan Oloman
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