Dusty Cartridge is our podcast where we each take a week to come up with a ridiculous collection of words to turn into a video game. We then lay our secret suggestions on each other, with the other 2 hosts tasked with turning this ridiculous sentence into a theoretical video game.

After we’ve talked through our initial ideas on all three and gave each one a unique rating, we try to mash them all together and create something truly outrageous.

Expect goofs gaffes and horrific video game monstrosities that really should NOT exist.

This episode’s entries:

James: The Strong Beard Of The Law

Jared: Debt of Gratitude

Jordan: Cooking Jedi

Photoshop Monstrosity:

Jordan Oloman
Joint Editor-In-Chief of Quillstreak. Geordie Archaeology Graduate living vicariously through Nathan Drake. Loves old-school Adventure Games and anything made by Double Fine. Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp Wannabe.

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