This week on Dusty Cartridge we talk at length about taking a shower in an IKEA showroom… in VR, as well as the grim reaper of puppets and a shitposting vortex

James also drops his cube a whole bunch.

Dusty Cartridge is a podcast hosted by Jared Liam Moore, James McCoull and Jordan Oloman. We think of the worst names possible for a video game and let the other 2 hosts riff on it.

At the end, we combine the three titles and try to make a true monstrosity.

This episode’s entries:

James: Content Vortex

Jared: Death Puppets

Jordan: SHOWVR







Jordan Oloman
Joint Editor-In-Chief of Quillstreak. Geordie Archaeology Graduate living vicariously through Nathan Drake. Loves old-school Adventure Games and anything made by Double Fine. Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp Wannabe.

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