In a strange turn of events, it looks like Drake producers Ness HBTL and Chef Pasquale are part of Sonic 06’s eclectic fanbase.

One of Drake’s hard hitting collaborations with UK Grime artist Giggs on his latest album contains a sample of one of the game’s main songs ‘His World’

A heavily warped loop of the introductory chords of the song play throughout ‘KMT’ or ‘Kissing My Teeth’, which was one of the most anticipated tracks on the album, being teased in clubs as Drake was touring the UK as part of his ‘Boy Meets World’ tour.

It’s an incredible crossover between the worlds of music and video games, but definitely not the first. Artists from Frank Ocean to Kanye West have consistently sampled video games in their work, Frank using the PS1 startup sound as the opening to his critically acclaimed album ‘Channel Orange’.

Drake is also no stranger to this process, sampling David Wise’s excellent Donkey Kong Country 2 soundtrack on ‘6 God’ from ‘If You’re Reading This Its Too Late’

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