Activision Blizzard is the joint publishing house behind some of gaming’s most popular titles like Call of Duty and World of Warcraft. Last year, they also acquired the Candy Crush Saga developers King for a hefty sum of $5.9 billion dollars.

That’s fair play considering that back in 2014, over 1 billion games of Candy Crush were played per day. The game continues to be a worldwide phenomenon, but now that Activision Blizzard are involved, it seems they’ve set their sights on transferring Call of Duty from screen to pocket.

Revealed through a job posting on their website, King are creating a new team in Stockholm called Reload to work on the iconic Call of Duty franchise. A lot of emphases is given to creative thinking in the posting, and it looks like this game will definitely not be another ‘Saga’ title “The team will prototype extensively” and “have the freedom to think outside the box”


Whilst we’ve seen Call of Duty mobile games in the past with the GLU Mobile third person shooter in 2007 and the fun Zombies port on iOS in 2009, this will be the first time a prominent mobile developer such as King have iterated on the franchise.

With Nintendo finding great success with their franchises on mobile platforms with games like Fire Emblem: Heroes and Pokemon GO, could we see Activision Blizzard following suit here? Bare in mind, Activision Blizzard also controls the hugely successful Destiny and Overwatch brands. Overwatch in your pocket? Why not?

Whilst there is nothing else known about the game right now, it’s exciting to see a new team emerging at King, and hopefully, a faithful mobile Call of Duty title will be the result.

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