Earlier in the week, PlayStation France caused a commotion in the online Overwatch community by prematurely uploading a trailer to YouTube (which has since been removed) showcasing what appeared to be a new PvE brawl, titled ‘Overwatch: Insurrection’.

This brawl, much like Halloween’s ‘Junkenstein’s Revenge’, involved the player assuming one of four character roles – in this case Reinhardt, Tracer, Mercy or Torbjörn – in order to defeat swarms of computer-controlled enemies and complete various objectives. The brawl has since been confirmed and released in English as ‘Overwatch: Uprising’, and follows Tracer’s first mission as an Overwatch agent seven years ago to liberate King’s Row from the clutches of the revolutionary Omnic group, the Null Sector.

Despite the surprised reactions of many to the trailer, the release of a new event was not entirely unexpected. Last week, Blizzard Entertainment released teasers across its social media accounts advertising the declassification of certain Overwatch mission archives, with specific reference to file 00382 – or the King’s Row Uprising – with the date of reveal specified as April 11th.

Additionally, a new Overwatch comic was released featuring Tracer during her Strike Team training and subsequently her involvement in the Strike Team designated to liberate King’s Row, directly preceding the events of the brawl.

‘Uprising’ is the main feature of the April 11th update, set to run between April 11th and May 1st and coming in two different modes (‘Standard’ and ‘All Heroes’ and four levels of difficulty (Normal, Hard, Expert and Legendary). ‘Standard’ mode is the ‘true’ mode, with character selection is limited to Reinhardt, Tracer, Mercy and Torbjörn, and narration of mission objectives provided by none other than Strike Commander Morrison (a.k.a. Soldier: 76), Captain Amari (a.k.a. Ana), and Blackwatch Commander Reyes (a.k.a. Reaper).

‘All Heroes’, as the name implies, gives players complete freedom in their choice of the four-person team composition from the entire Overwatch character roster, and showcases Blizzard Entertainment’s loving attention to detail in that no matter what character you choose, they will vocally respond to ongoing events and communicate with each other.

The brawl itself is composed of a tripartite structure of objectives: first, to capture three points in order to destroy their anti-aircraft systems; second, to secure and transport the airborne payload to the King’s Row power station; and finally, to destroy the four OR-14 robots within the power station that threaten to cause a massive explosion and endanger innocent lives.

This is a huge change from ‘Junkenstein’s Revenge’, which saw players given only one objective – to protect the castle from the likes of Junkenstein and his minions – and their limitation to a single area with no freedom of movement. ‘Uprising’ utilises the entirety of a fully redesigned King’s Row and gives players the opportunity to not only relive Overwatch lore, but also experience an entirely different style of cooperative gameplay.

Namely, ‘Uprising’ takes Blizzard’s emphasis on teamwork to the extreme. Where ‘Junkenstein’s Revenge’ allowed for teammates to respawn after a timer had expired, in ‘Uprising’, if a player’s timer runs out, it’s game over. The only way to recover is to be revived by a teammate, putting them in a vulnerable position and taking several seconds to complete, which is not ideal in the high-risk and high-stress environment of the Omnic uprising.  As such, working together is key to not only make progress on objectives, but to defend each other and stay alive as well – as if your entire team is defeated, it’s game over, too.

In addition to the ‘Uprising’ brawl, the April 11th update introduced over 100 new cosmetic in-game items, event-exclusive ‘Uprising’ loot boxes, and limited-time achievements (note: only on PC) to be sought after. As demonstrated in the official trailer for the event, several characters – including McCree, Genji, Widowmaker and the four Strike Team members – have new skins to unlock, and others (such as D.Va and Zenyatta) have new highlight intros and emotes to be obtained, allowing players to further customise and personalise their Overwatch experience.

Changes to the features and hero balancing of Overwatch were also implemented in order to improve the player experience. The most notable updates are listed below, as summarised from the PC patch notes:

  • Short biographies have been introduced to the hero pages in the hero gallery, and lore-related skins also bear descriptions.
  • Custom games now have even more customisations available, including the alteration of clip and magazine sizes for weapons and the ability to save custom game settings as pre-sets.
  • Improvements to the report system, which includes more specific reasons available as to why a report against a player or match is being filed.
  • Fixes to bugs in competitive play, including play-of-the-match highlights being restricted to final-round play, and achievements in off-season play not registering.
  • The elimination of ties in assault and assault/escort games in competitive play; victory now awarded to the team who moves the payload the furthest distance or captured the highest percentage of the point.
  • Lucio’s Sonic Amplifier has had its damage increased by 25%, its projectile speed increased from 40 to 50, and alternate fire now considers vertical orientation when knocking targets back. Additionally, his area of effect is now indicated by a glowing circle which surrounds him and has been reduced from a radius of 30 metres to 10 metres. To compensate for area reduction healing-per-second has been increased by 30% (including during amp-it-up), though self-healing has been reduced by 25%. Wall-riding movement speed has been increased by 20% and jumping from a wall will result in a small speed boost.
  • Orisa’s head hitbox has been decreased by 15%.

Will you be playing the ‘Uprising’ event as part of the new update?  Let us know by tweeting to us over at @Quillstreak. To stay up to date with the latest Overwatch news stick with us right here at Quillstreak.

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