After a long wait, we’ve finally got our first crucial look at the next Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi. Directed by Rian Johnson, this sequel looks to be a darker movie than the first in the modern era, with Luke waxing lyrical about the ‘end of the Jedi’ among destruction across the galaxy.

Whilst there’s not a whole lot to go off it’s awesome to see Poe and Finn in new predicaments whilst Daisy Ridley’s Rey is training up in secret.

The structure of this movie looks to follow a similar path to The Empire Strikes Back with a training montage/comeback story emerging as other plots run parallel.

A cinematic shot comes as a number of new spaceships struggle to make it through some salt flats, suggesting a new planet that we haven’t yet seen. The small clip of Kylo Ren’s smashed helmet was also evocative of the loose ends left by The Force Awakens. Will we see a change of heart in his character as the Jedi order is dissolved?

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