Warframe, the free-to-play third-person shooter available for download on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One received an update on consoles today. The free update, titled Octavia’s Anthem has prior been released for PC.

The new update features a musical theme with Octavia, a dancing Warframe unlike any before it. Accompanying the Warframe, players will also gain access to a brand new quest line and two new unique creative tools.

Throughout the new expansion, fans of the title are set to journey through an original quest which begins as the player is drawn in by the vast consciousness Cephalon Suda who’s peculiar behaviour warrants investigation.

Octavia also brings in the introduction of a brand new musical instrument known as the mandachord. This instrument grants players the ability to compose their own original melodies before synchronising them to weapons and delivering a rhythmic beatdown. The feature also allows for co-op play, in which players can create a range of different songs with online friends within the game’s dojos.

Aside from these major additions to the game, the new update also includes a wealth of new skins, Syandana and helmets. They include:

o Sari Syandana

o Frost Emperor Skin

o Ember Graxx Skin

o Saryn Graxx Skin

o Frost Hailstorm Skin

o Nekros Lazarus Helmet

o Mag Induction Helmet

o Spitefire Syandana

o Liset Hellkite

o Atlas Telamon Helmet

o Mag Torodial Helmet

o Setka Syandana

o Ash Carabid Helmet

o Excalibur Ogrant Helmet

o Banshee Echo Helmet

In addition, to celebrate the release of the game’s newest expanse, Digital Extremes have also released a montage video in which they showcase some of their work:

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