This week Nintendo announced that their upcoming hardware model, the 2DS XL will be released throughout the marketplace this year. There were rumours that the industry giant’s latest console the Nintendo Switch would put pressure on the company to slow production of their DS range of hardware. Instead, however, it seems that the opposite is true.

The latest console will be stripped back from its 3D functionality as is implied by its name and is set to become a successor to the Nintendo 2DS. Whilst the original console sported a rigid hingeless design, the new hardware will instead look to follow in the same vein as the 3DS, supporting flip-screen functionality.

In addition, the 2DS XL will also incorporate a C-stick into its various controller options and support the use of Amiibo’s directly via touch with the console. Similarly to the 2DS, its XL counterpart will be able to run the entire catalogue of 3DS titles. However, the new system will also contain the processing power to run titles previously exclusive to the New 3DS such as Xenoblade Chronicles.

The 2DS XL is set to release across the UK and US July 28th this year and in Australia June 15th.

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