May the 4th be with you all! Every year, the fourth of May marks a special day – Star Wars Day. In celebration, we thought we’d put together a list of interesting locations that EA could utilise in their upcoming working title Star Wars: Battlefront II.

Petranaki Arena – Geonosis


The Petranaki Arena featured at length in the second of the franchise’s prequels. Offering a close-net gladiatorial ring, a map created around this Geonisian structure would promote a quick-paced tempo in open play. Opening up the various corridors and stands that surround the centre could allow for some limited ranged combat as well.

As a venue, the Petranaki Arena would be well suited to hero characters, with a densely packed floor slicing through enemies here would certainly be satisfying. It might be a bit of a stretch to hope that EA would bring the Arena’s various creatures into the fold, but a map that had you simultaneously fighting off other players and a giant horned Reek would definitely grab my attention.



A densely populated metropolis like Coruscant would make a pretty decent battle scene. Whilst the city’s various buildings and back alleys would bring with it close quarter firefights, the popular senate building brings with it large open spaces. It would be a great way to integrate Chancellor Palpatine into the mix of Villains available in Battlefront 2, and let’s face it who wouldn’t like to reenact that Yoda – Palpatine face-off.

EA could also choose to step away from boots on the ground warfare here and instead opt to use Coruscant as the backdrop for some tantalising space battles, the huge planet boasts a beautiful pattern of lights on its surface and some ship on ship combat here could produce a spectacular light show.



Felucia’s jungle world offers something different from other potential maps. As opposed to the universes Star Destroyer’s and grey cityscapes, Felucia boasts a bright range of colours and plantation. Whilst it’s true that other locations such as Dagobah and [the Moon of] Endor also house natural environments, Felucia’s light turquoise and luminous orange vegetation makes this Outer Rim territory an interesting prospect for Battlefront II.



Mustafar, previously appearing in the 2005 title Star Wars Battlefron II, Mustafar was home to that iconic duel between Kenobi and Skywalker. However, perhaps Star Wars Battlefront 2 could pick a different slice of mustafarian real estate to conduct its firefights in. The recent depiction of Vader’s Castle in Rogue One would lend its self nicely to Battlefront’s capture the flag style cargo mode.



If you’re going to spend large amounts of your time battling on the lava based environment Mustafar, then you’re going to need somewhere to calm down afterward. Out of the Sauna and into the plunge pool, the giant plunge pool that is. Kamino’s water based environment featured Obi One Kenobi and Jango Fet in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and it’d be great to see reproduced in Battlefront II. With white glistening corridors and more tidal waves than surf season, Kamino would make for an awe-inspiring map running through EA’s frostbite engine!

Jedha City


In a similar vein to Coruscant, Jedha city offers a densely populated area in which to battle it out. Unlike Coruscant’s concrete metropolis, however, Jedha City has a bit more Tatooine in it, and by that I mean it’s a bit more party in the back than business in the front. Filled with lively marketplaces, stalls and a diverse population, Jedha City acts as the perfect outpost for both small and medium scale maps in and around the Temple of the Whills.

Bespin Cloud City


According to Luke Skywalker, Bespin is a great place to hang out. That is until your mates come pick you up in their Millenium Falcon. This cloud city, home to Lando Calrissian is on this list for the same reason as most maps… it’s different, it’s unique and of course, it’s iconic. Whilst you may not want to play as Han Solo throughout your time here, who could say no to a battle in the clouds.

This list certainly isn’t an exhausted set of locations we’d like to see throughout Battlefront II. Hopefully, we’ll witness the return of regular maps Hoth and Endor, whilst Utapau, Yavin 4 and Kashyyyk would all make worthy adversaries for Battlefront II’s multiplayer. If you fancy getting in touch to discuss your hopes for Star Wars Battlefront II, drop us a line on Twitter!

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