Absolver, the long awaited online brawler from Devolver Digital and Sloclap is arriving on August 29th for PC and Playstation 4. A new trailer has been released alongside the announcement, showcasing an overview of the complex combat system. Players will be able to create Combat Decks with primary and alternative movements, which can be swapped in the midst of battle.

Players will be able to choose between three different gameplay styles: Forsaken, Kahlt and Winfall. Each has its own set of movements that really make them stand out from the rest, including a unique special ability that corresponds to their own way to defend themselves: Parry, Block and Evade respectively.

Such as the new Combat Overview trailer explains, Absolver has more gameplay styles inside it, but players will have to explore the land in order to unveil and learn them. This includes sticking up with a mentor, who will eventually teach us his or hers abilities, aside from letting us use their Combat Decks. Combat Decks are Absolver’s way to arrange attacks, choosing different movements that get along with the four Stances of combat. Additionally, we can set Alternative attacks and combine them in order to maximize or effectiveness in combat, and leave our opponents vulnerable for us to strike.

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Sloclap‘s game has potentially grown over time, and it plans to offer both PvE and PvP modes for all PC and Playstation 4 players. The first will be focused in co-op with friends and people around the world while we explore different dungeons in order to find loot and equipment, while PvP will be entirely focused on arenas that will test our might against the best players of Absolver.

At first, you will be a Prospect who takes a secret vow to fight and maintain stability in this land, but will eventually become an Absolver, an elite group commanded for this task. Whether you are a disciple or a mentor of this world, encounters with characters will be inevitable, and what relationships you choose to build will be entirely upon you.

Absolver arrives on PC and PS4 next August 29th. Make sure to say hi to the developers on Twitter and visit the official site for additional information regarding the game and beta sign ups. 

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