Digital Extremes, the developer previously known for their work on free-to-play title Warframe, have announced their newest IP.

Keystone, which is set to go into alpha later this week, hopes to combine the fast-paced combat of a first-person shooter with the creative freedom of a deck-building strategy game.

With its 1970’s retro design, Keystone will take players through a range of different scenarios which all stems from the starting space of a unique board game. Gameplay looks set to vary as players will be granted special weapons, power-ups, and benefits as they look to navigate their way from place to place one battle at a time.

Each accolade comes as the result of a card which fans will be able to draw upon from a deck throughout their adventure. Timing and resourcefulness looks to be the key to success as players will have to simultaneously manage their own decks as well as their teammates also.

“The long-running success of Warframe has enabled us to build up a second internal team to create a wholly different but equally satisfying game concept that we’re really excited about,” said Sheldon Carter, studio head at Digital Extremes.

“Keystone originates from our roots in the FPS world and mixing genres like we have done with Warframe. We believe there’s room to expand the confines of what defines a good FPS and hope our community will see the potential and get on board for the ride”.

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