Pyre, the third title being developed by Supergiant Games, is set to arrive on July 25th for PC via Steam and PlayStation 4. After almost three years of development, Pyre introduces itself as a party based RPG that looks to offer the good same old design that became a mark for the studio, alongside new aspects such as a competitive multiplayer mode. The release date was revealed during an official livestream, in which they also showed more details about characters, the Rits, and the fantasy setting.

Greg Kasavin, game designer at the studio, spoke about their direction towards a “high fantasy, really old feeling world, with characters of all shapes and sizes.” during the stream. There are many classes, enviroments and characters that we have been able to see, including the latest race shown which, look to be based on Harpies. Pyre Release Date 3

In addition, we were finally able to see how big the roster will be for the game. At first glance, we discovered that there will be at least 21 different characters with unique stats and abilities that can be used in the head to head local multiplayer. As for the multiplayer itself, players will be able to customize the music that will be playing in every match. The multiplayer mode also allows the use of Talismans, which are special skills that can grant new abilities for characters. One of the examples shown involved the Harpy character, that uses a big amount of stamina when flying, but thanks to a Talisman can replenish herself.

There will also be the possibility to jump into Versus Mode and set Random settings for the match. Greg Kasavin and Amir Rao also made a lot of focus in explaining the reasons why the game won’t have an online multiplayer mode, and that’s due to their way of thinking was going to lead to make an exclusive multiplayer – but, the focus is still on the campaign player. As for length, the developers stated that is the biggest game to date, not only for the sheer volume of useable characters, but also for the story and the environments themselves.

They also stated that Versus Mode won’t have any restrictions regarding characters or scenarios, and it will be fully available since the first moment you open the game. It will be up to you if you prefer to wait until you get to know the characters and their corresponding intentions and atributes, or just dive in as soon as possible.

Lastly, Supergiant Games revealed that there won’t be an essential “Game Over” for the players. Instead, either you win or lose in the Rites (the battle stages shown in Versus Mode), the journey will still continue, but it will have an impact not only on the story, but also the ending. The main character is trapped in this mystical purgatory, and your choices will set them free, or leave them trapped for ever.

Pyre is already available for pre-order on Steam and the Playstation Store for the price of $19.99 USD, alongside Darren Korb’s new soundtrack for the game at the price of $9.99 USD. You can find more information regarding the game on the official website, and don’t forget to say hi to the developers on Twitter.

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