Genital Jousting, the copulative title from Devolver Digital and Free Lives have just launched a new free content update. “Wet Hot Summer” gives a warm welcome to summer with six brand new party modes and new costumes to be the best looking **** in the beach. It doesn’t matter which season you’re in at this precise moment, Genital Jousting’s new content will bring back memories about the sun, the sea and volleyballs – with no puns intended.

Free Lives, the studio known for their pixelated film tribute Broforce, took the rising of a new season to include even more modes into the game. Playable by up to 8 players (both online and local co-op), party members will be able to surf, participate in a day at the Spa, or just fulfill their fantasy to compete on “Sexy Car Wash”. In addition, five new costumes have been added for further customization so you can dismiss the myth that states they all look the same.

For those who have a keen eye for paiting, Devolver Digital announced a new Fan Art Contest that could lead your work to be displayed in a digital gallery inside the game and in the upcoming Steam Trading Cards, aside from cash rewards. This contest serves as a celebration for over 200.000 copies sold across the world, and you can submit your fan art from from 31 May 2017 until 31 July 2017 over here.

“Genital Jousting has exceeded all sales forecasts and expectations which, if we’re being honest, were all at zero,” noted Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker. “But like my grandmother always said, people love them some penises and buttholes.” Genital Jousting WHS Release 1

The game has been in Early Access since November 2016, and Free Lives have been adding content non-stop. If you want to know more about the game you can do so on the official website. Genital Jousting is available on Steam, where you can already enjoy both the new modes and some classics such as “Double Delight”, “Obstacle Intercourse”, and “Weiner Round Up”. Also, don’t forget to say hi to Free Lives and the crazy guys at Devolver Digital on Twitter.

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