Prideful Sloth, the studio behind Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles announced an exclusive physical edition of their upcoming game. Being their first project, Yonder introduces itself as an open world exploration game, highly focused on providing a peaceful experience with different crafting and social systems, farming, fishing and more.

As announced on May 30 by the studio, the game will be available on two different physical formats. The first, eligible to purchase at most major retailers, will cost €19.99. Additionally, a limited edition will include an art book, stickers, a special edition box and a physical coin from the game’s internal currency. It will be available for €29.99 exclusively on Merge’s Signature Edition Store.

The journey begins on the island of Gemea, a once peaceful land that has been suffering from the presence of the Murk, evil magic that can be found in several spots. The character has the important task to get rid of it as soon as possible, while also helping the townsfolk who have been left in despair. In order to achieve this, players will have to locate many Sprites, strange creatures that are hidden in the land, which are the only ones capable of fighting the Murk and erase it once and for all.

The developers have previously worked on many different AAA titles, including Batman: Arkham, The Elder ScrollsDmC: Devil May CryRock BandGuitar Hero and Rome: Total War. Prideful Sloth’s vision is to let players experience a world with many activities, but without restricting the player to a certain path. You can choose to spend your time in the main quest, or just get to know the townsfolk of the 8 villages available in the world, spend more time collecting items to customise your character or discover all the animal species that are hidden throughout the land. Yonder Physica Editions 2

“At its core, Yonder is about giving people the ability to play however they choose,” said Cheryl Vance, Co-Founder and Lead Designer, Prideful Sloth. “Naturally, we wanted to extend that freedom to those who prefer their games on physical media. We’re elated to partner with Merge Games and looking forward to the day we can hold this labor of love in our own hands.”

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles will be available on Playstation 4 and Steam (Windows) on 18 July.

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