Nintendo announced yesterday that a new Pokémon Direct will be held today, June 6th 2017, at 15:00 BST – less than 24 hours before it was due to start. This will be the first Pokémon Direct since February 2016, due to last only eight minutes, and with E3 less than a week away, it has come as a complete surprise.

Fans are already beginning to speculate as to what the Direct will discuss. Both Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have neglected to reveal any details about it, with Nintendo stating only that they will be sharing ‘some exciting news about the Pokémon series’ and The Pokémon Company that more ‘big Pokémon news’ will follow – meaning that the news could apply to any console, or any strand of the Pokémon series.

Some are guessing that the Direct will, finally, formally announce ‘Pokémon Stars’, the rumoured third iteration of the Pokémon Sun/Pokémon Moon generation. Others have suggested that it may be the announcement of the Nintendo Switch’s first Pokémon title – perhaps a port of the Wii U’s Pokkén Tournament, if not a new independent game – or else the seemingly inevitable remakes of Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl (and potentially Pokémon Platinum, who knows how far they’ll go?) as their tenth anniversary was just last year.

It should be noted that Junichi Masuda, composer, director and producer for the Pokémon series, has retweeted nearly all of the announcement tweets regarding the Direct on his personal Twitter account. This implies that the news, whatever it is, is definitely going to be big to receive his promotion – and will be well worth watching the Direct for.

Whatever the Direct covers this afternoon, you can catch it over on Nintendo’s website at 3pm via this link, and over on their Twitch channel. We at Quillstreak will be covering the contents of the Direct as it happens, so do check back here with us for the latest Pokémon news. In the meantime, do comment below with your thoughts on what Nintendo may have in store for its best-selling Pokémon series – we’d love to hear what you’re desperate for. Personally, I’d love to see a new Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game…

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