Tekken 7 released worldwide on June 2nd for PS4, Xbox One and PC. It has since been revealed as Bandai Namco Entertainment’s first chart-topping entry into the series since Tekken 3 for the PS1 in 1998. Whilst receiving rave reviews from many fans and news outlets, issues with online matchmaking – particularly concerning ranked play – have been reported across all three of the game’s platforms, and have proved a major issue for players worldwide.

Fans have consistently found themselves unable to connect to online matches despite finding available opponents and lobbies via the online search system. Subsequently, they were delivered an error message which read: ‘The connection to the opponent has been lost’. Though this issue was not as prevalent in casual matches and matches between friends, it had been reported as affecting them, and resulted in the same error message. As a result, Bandai Namco are now rolling out patches to correct these issues – with those for PS4 and Xbox One now live.

Bandai Namco were made well aware of Tekken 7‘s online connectivity issues by frustrated fans, and acknowledged them last week in the following statement:

We have received inquiries from a number of customers regarding situations in which they appear to have trouble matching with other players in Ranked Match. We are currently investigating the issue and plan to address the problem through an online update scheduled to modify the game spec and improve matching. Player and opponent character will no longer be displayed when searching for a match in Ranked Match. More details regarding the update will be posted to the official Tekken site. We apologize for any inconvenience which this may cause in the meantime.


Since then, they have been actively working on a fix for the game’s online matchmaking issues and have promised to improve the Tekken 7 experience for all of its players. A subsequent statement was released on June 7th, which revealed the intended release times of patches that would hopefully resolve the problems players were experiencing.

Bandai Namco promised that by the end of this week they would be releasing a patch for PS4 designed to ‘address online stability including matchmaking issues, and bug fixes’ – and they have delivered. The patch went live on June 8th, with a similar patch having gone live the following day on June 9th for Xbox One users – a full week before it was expected. The Tekken 7 team worded this feat in the following tweet:

We released the Xbox One patch just a few hours ago! We originally said next week but the TEKKEN team managed to get it out sooner.

Thus, players should now find that the issues they have been facing in finding and connecting to online opponents will slowly cease. The implemented patches should allow connections between players to be ‘established more consistently’, and should provide increased stability and privacy by (amongst other things) removing player information on the pre-match screen and providing an on/off switch for voice communications. More detailed information on what exactly the patches entailed can be found on the Tekken website here, and they should hopefully rectify players’ difficulties in pursuing their King of Iron Fist tournament dreams against real players from around the world.

An initial patch to the PC version of the game has already been implemented to ‘improve security and update Denuvo’, with Bandai Namco stating that this patch ‘was developed concurrently and did not push back the patches addressing online issues’ – meaning that whilst it did not address issues with online matchmaking, it hasn’t delayed the company from addressing them, either. A patch to fix the online matchmaking issues on PC is still promised to be available by next week, and players are recommended to watch the Tekken website and official social media accounts (including Twitter and Facebook) closely for any further updates on their troubleshooting efforts.

Bandai Namco have thanked all of their players for their patience and support whilst investigating and solving these issues, but it seems that these patches just can’t come fast enough for the majority of Tekken 7 players. Have you picked up Tekken 7 yet? Are you looking forward to the promised fixes to online play? Let us know in the comments, and as always, stick with us here at Quillstreak for all the latest fighting game updates.

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