After pressure mounted on EA to deliver an offline single player story, the Battlefront 2 team announced that the newest title will include a solely devoted single player campaign that bridges the gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. Janina Gavankar, who plays the lead protagonist in the latest upcoming Battlefront announced that the sequel will include over three times more content than it’s predecessor. Couch co-op will make an appearance as well with popular game mode skirmish coming into the latest game.

Couch co-op will make an appearance as well with popular game mode skirmish coming into the latest game. The multiplayer will include a range of features including both ground and space battles that span throughout the Star Wars Universe. Within the multiplayer gameplay, trailer fans gained a peak at a range of different environments including both Naboo and what appeared to be Tatooine.

John Boyega was on hand to mention that Finn will be in Star Wars Battlefront two, alongside Captain Phasma, Rey, Yoda and a range of different heroes and villains. Gavankar also confirmed to fans that all of the games upcoming multiplayer expansions will be free, which is certainly a pleasant change from Battlefront 1 which launched with a hefty £40.00 season pass.

Within the conference, fans were shown a sneak peak at some multiplayer content which launched under the title Attack on Theed. The gameplay featured a new specialist heavy class, which has more health than an average trooper and comes armed with a combat shield allowing them to push through waves of oncoming droids. Theed mixes both air and ground support to create a dangerous but open mix of gameplay – and yes you will be able to fly around in a Naboo Fighter.

The game mode separates play into different phases, which allows battlefront to combine ranged combat with close quarters. The map involved both Darth Maul, Rey, Han Solo and Boba Fett who become incredibly effective in the tight corridors that run thick throughout the Naboo buildings. The heroes come with a range of abilities which can be used to give your team the upper hand. Rey, for example, will cause enemy players controls to work slightly against them making her even more difficult to take out of play.

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