Universal Studios Japan have released a new trailer for their upcoming ‘Super Nintendo World’ theme park, due to open in Osaka, Japan in time for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. The park was originally announced back in May 2015, and construction has finally begun on some of its various rides and attractions – including a now-confirmed Mario Kart-themed racetrack.

Only 31 seconds long, the new trailer shows an enthusiastic Mario entering the park via a green pipe entrance, greeting awestruck and excited families throughout once inside. As well as interacting with further iconic Nintendo items such as the flagpole, coin blocks and chomping Pirahna Plants, Mario jumps and climbs to the top of a towering hill, leaving viewers with a look at the planned park layout below.

From the trailer, ‘Super Nintendo World’ looks to have a variety of attractions hidden in Nintendo-themed buildings, including a creepy Bowser’s castle, a Mushroom Kingdom castle, and venue stands with power-up mushroom exteriors – which you can make out in the below image. It has already been revealed that it will be a huge park set across two levels, including restaurant and shopping spaces, and will be intended to cater for visitors of all ages.

In November 2016, a previous video discussing the park was released by Nintendo on their official YouTube channel, documenting what the hopes and dreams of both Nintendo and Universal were for their collaboration. This video was hosted by Shigeru Miyamoto from Nintendo and Mark Woodbury from the Universal Creative team, and in it both parties expressed their excitement at fans being able to experience Nintendo’s world at all three of Universal’s resorts in Japan, Orlando and Hollywood.

Woodbury stated that Universal were always looking ‘for the next great idea, the next great place to take people’ – and that Nintendo were ideal for this, with a wealth of characters and franchises to adapt. Miyamoto, similarly, stated that Nintendo had always been impressed at how the park developers were able to bring ‘the essence of our games to life in the real world’ – and slowly their dream to create a fun-filled family experience for all is now coming to life.

In addition to the new trailer’s release, representatives from Universal Studios and Nintendo (including Woodbury and Miyamoto) took to a Super Mario-themed stage to formally announce the beginning of the park’s construction. A video of the commencing ‘groundbreaking ceremony’ can be viewed on their Twitter account here and their Facebook page here, where they confirm that a main feature of the park will be its ‘Mario Kart Experience’. They also shared their ideas of what the park is going to be like, and confirmed that the park will largely centre on the Super Mario franchise.

Other favourite Nintendo characters could make their appearance, however, meaning that fans of other Nintendo IPs such as Pokémon and The Legend of Zelda shouldn’t lose hope just yet. The dream for Super Nintendo World is that it will be equally enjoyable for all its visitors, regardless of age, and that all who experience it will remember their encounters with Nintendo’s most beloved characters for a lifetime. These announcements have excited many fans, and it is hoped that even more updates on the park’s development and construction will soon be released. (Below photograph courtesy of this post by Twitter user @conpetti).

It is expected that more updates about the development of the park will be posted in the upcoming months. To keep up to date with developments, we would recommend checking out the official Super Nintendo World website and subscribing to Universal Studios Japan’s social media feeds, such as their Twitter and Facebook pages.

What do you think of this latest vision of ‘Super Nintendo World’? Will you be visiting when it opens – and at which Universal resort? Let us know in the comments and stick with us here at Quillstreak for the latest updates on the park’s development.

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