SMG Studios have announced that their well received co-operative puzzle game Death Squared will be coming to Nintendo Switch.

The game, which has previously featured on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms has you guiding a group of robots through obstacles, partnering with friends to create high-octane co-operative fun.

With a number of nefarious traps to work through, one foul move from a player could spell the end for the entire team. Lead Designer at SMG Studio Patrick Cook noted that (Death Squared) “Was created with groups in mind” and was, therefore, a natural fit for the Nintendo Switch.

The updated release will feature more puzzles and unlockable content on top of the 80-level campaign and 40 party stages already baked in.

Feast your eyes on the below trailer to whet your appetite before the game drops on the Nintendo eShop this July 13th.

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