Fans of the 80’s inspired Netflix hit rejoice! Loot Crate has teamed up directly with the folks at everybody’s favourite streaming service to create an exclusive Stranger Things themed crate.

The items inside will capture ‘moments’ from the TV shows first and second season, with the release coinciding with the launch of S2 on Netflix in October.

“We came all the way from The Upside Down to develop this exclusive Stranger Things Crate with Netflix and can’t wait to share it with fans of the show,” said Chris Davis, CEO of Loot Crate.

There has also been a distinct emphasis on the items within the mystery box being made “For Fans, By Fans” so hopefully this will work to expose the excellent craft of a number of talented artists and result in some unique merch for fans of the show.

Personally, I want some Eggo and a Demogorgon toy, but I’m all ears. You can pre-order the crate here for $59.99 or $84.99 ( about £70 if you’re not from the US). The products inside are said to total $111 in value, so if you love your stranger things and are looking for official merch (it’s pretty scarce out there) this may be what you’re looking for!

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