Hello Neighbor, the latest title to come out of tinyBuild games is now available for pre-purchase on the steam store. Officially, the title’s launch date is set for August 29th. However, players who purchase the game today gain instant early access to four distinct alpha stages.

For context, Hello Neighbor plays out as a stealth horror game. Throughout the game you goal is to remain undected as you sneak into your neighbor’s house and basement. As a stealth horror, you play against a complex self-learning AI which hope to counter your every move.

The title, developed by Dynamic Pixels in Voronezh, Russia, and produced by tinyBuild in Seattle is launching for Xbox One and PC. The title utilises an art style bearing resemblance to something out of a pixar movie. Drawing upon the direct juxtaposition between childish exploration and the terrifying reality that faces you around each corner, the game looks set to turn a few heads.

The games four alphas are filled with secrets, suprises, easter eggs and puzzles for fans to uncover as they embark on their journey across the house.

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