Agents of Mayhem. The single-player, open world third person action title developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver has received its final set of trailers. The game looks set to launch August 18th and looks to draw emphasis on its outrageous and extraordinary style which seems heavily reminiscent of the Saints Row series.

The games’ latest trailer looks to show off its take on teleportation as characters appear to disappear into thinly veiled layers of smoke, only to pop back up and reek havoc through whatever stands in their path. The trailer’s main emphasis revolves around the firing squad, a team of agents set to take on the villainous legions most sinister troops and bring back order to the world. Within the one minute forty-three second clip, fans are treated to footage of Scheherazade – an assassin who’s past is shrouded in darkness and mystery.

Scheherazade looks to utilise an arsenal of blades as she slices her way through anyone that opposes her. Alongside her, the trailer also shows off her colleague, Oni – an ex-criminal and the son of a Japanese Businessman. Oni emanates an aura of terror that weakens most enemies before he uses his pistols to deal a fatal shot. Finally, the developers also teased a glimpse of the final of our three agents. Stillwater as he’s known by alias is a washed up hip-hop wannabe. Pierce Washington as he’s actually named, was recruited to the firing squad due to his expert knowledge of machine guns and ability to lay down the fire when the going gets tough.

As Agents of Mayhem draws ever closer to release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, it seems that the Firing Squad look set to be the players team of choice. Showing no mercy, often lacking morals and being only occasionally reliable, it looks as if fans will have their work cut out for them come August 18th.

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