Whilst it was confirmed this week that the N Sane trilogy is genuinely harder than the originals, those invigorated few who smashed through all the requirements and completed everything are in for a surprise.

You ain’t done just yet.

Announced during a ‘Now and Then’ panel at this week’s San Diego Comic Con, the level, Stormy Ascent is now available for owners of the trilogy.

If you’re feeling hard enough, go grab it from the PSN store and get ready to rage. It’s not as if the first one was hard enough already, right guys?

Peep the trailer below for some deeply unsettling footage of Bandicoot evisceration.

Be vigilant though, folks. This deal is only available for the next 30 days, so snap it up whilst it’s there.

In the same panel,  Dark Horse Comics also announced a book detailing the development of the first game. If you’re interested in the design behind the truly masochistic missions, I’m sure getting a behind-the-scenes look at how the levels came together could give those affected by the Bandicoot some much-needed solace.

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