Overcooked, the classic cook-em-up has launched for the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately however, this one will currently have to be taken with a pinch of salt. A number of players have taken to the internet to complain of performance issues plaguing the games launch.

The main issue facing players comes in the form of framerate drops, which for a game like overcooked can make timing and movement a nuisance. That being said, the developers have spoken out in a statement on Reddit about the matter, acknowledging fans feelings and insisting that they are working on it.

Hey there,

Just to provide some clarification on FPS with Overcooked.

On console (Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Switch) the game is set to run at 30fps. PC is a little bit different as you can enable V-Sync which mixes things up a bit.

So in a nutshell we expect Overcooked to run at a solid 30fps on Switch, we’re also looking into reports of the game having instances where it isn’t hitting this benchmark.

We are watching & listening, fear not and thanks all for your support.

When the Switch launched, numerous players reported a notable difference between docked and handheld mode when playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However, reports surrounding this latest issue claim that neither method of playing the game has a specific effect on the issues at hand.

Overcooked isn’t the first indie title to launch on Switch and experience similar issues. TinyBuild’s and Team Shifty’s, Mr. Shifty launched with similar controversy. Whilst the gameplay its self was often reported as solid on the PC, it’s Switch counterpart seemingly could not hold up. Teleportation often became bogged down and the lag at times made it almost unplayable. Whether these issues are due to the Switch’s hardware or the developer’s port is somewhat unclear, however, neither the devs nor Nintendo will want it to continue.

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