Ninja Theory latest game, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, will release on both Playstation 4 and PC this August 8th. Ahead of its launch, the studio (known for games like DmC and Heavenly Sword) shared their latest trailer, giving a few more details of a 25 minutes-long feature about Senua’s psychosis, its representation and how it was to work in the character with the help of neuroscientists.

Senua, Hellblade’s main character, will introduce a different point of view due to her suffering from mental illness. In some of the previous gameplay videos (which you can find in the studio official channel) we were able to see how the character often deals with different voices inside her head, which translates perfectly due to the extensive work they put into the sound and atmosphere of the game.

Ninja Theory’s dedication to showcase a psychotic character using all possible elements on their disposal is remarkable, considering how small the studio actually is. Professor Paul Fletcher, psychiatrist and professor of mental illness at the University of Cambridge was only one of the contributors for this vision, and admits to be “very excited by this way of trying to represent mental illness” as it gives a new point of view on the matter rather than just plain scientific explanations.

This is only but only teaser from a 25 minutes-long feature about the matter, and it was just one of the many announcements the studio has been doing in the past few weeks. Ninja Theory also announced that Hellblade will have a Photo Mode included when the game launches, and lastly, Playstation 4 Pro users will be able to experience the game in 4K.

This norse mythologic experience will arrive on PC and Playstation 4 this August 8th for $29.99 USD. Those who decide to pre-order it will receive an exclusive dynamic theme (for Playstation users) or a digital comic book (for PC users).

You can get to know more about the studio in the official site.

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