Today is the day that Splatoon 2 players have been waiting for since the Splatfest Global Premiere – it’s time for the first official Splatfest! It’s a battle of the condiments this time around, with mayonnaise coming up against tomato ketchup, and many have already taken up their side by choosing their allegiance at the voting booth in Inkopolis Square.

The event is due to start this afternoon at 3pm BST, and will continue for 24 hours until 3pm BST tomorrow on Sunday, August 6th. Special 3-slot Splatfest Tees to represent players’ teams are available for Inklings everywhere throughout the event, and it’s an all-out turf war to see who will come out victorious.

If you aren’t aware, Splatfests are timed events which split players into two teams and pit them against each other in an all-out turf war. Teams of four players battle it out to cover the most territory in their ink and earn the most points, contributing to their team’s overall Splatfest score. The elusive Super Sea Snails are offered as prizes to players for performing well and contributing significantly to their team’s success, and the number you earn is entirely dependent on your Splatfest Title, which improves the more points you collect during the Splatfest.

Super Sea Snails can be used to increase ability slots on gear and re-roll abilities, giving players the edge in both turf wars and ranked battles. They are a huge asset to dedicated players, and here’s a tip – once you reach level 30, you can talk to Judd and L’il Judd (the cats) to receive one, too. Players on the winning Splatfest team will be well-rewarded, receiving even more Super Sea Snails for their efforts – so I hope you’re all on #TeamKetchup, because we’re going to win…!

Nintendo have revealed in their Splatfest Announcement that a new, exclusive stage – called Shifty Station – will be available during this and all future Splatfests as part of the stage rotation. The unique thing about it is that its appearance will constantly change – making every battle new and exciting, and that little bit more challenging for even the most seasoned Splatoon 2 player!

There’s still time to choose a side if you haven’t already, so get down to the Inkopolis Square voting booth (the glowing billboard near the Lobby and outside the shops) and pledge your allegiance to either #TeamMayo or #TeamKetchup. The results of the Splatfest will be announced by Pearl and Marina as soon as they are known, so make sure your team comes out victorious – get splatting!

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