Spotify finally arrives on the Xbox One years after it premiered on the PlayStation 4. The streaming platform can be accessed by players from the console’s dashboard in the form of a new app.

Features of the app include:

  • Players are able to stream music in the background whilst simultaneously playing games.
  • Create, play and access playlists curated by millions of listeners worldwide.
  • Search through over thirty million different tracks across a range of different moods and genres.
  • Shuffle and navigate songs through their mobile device using Spotify connect.

In connection with the apps official launch, Spotify has released an FAQ designed to help users navigate and resolve any issues they have throughout their time with the app. This ranges from guides on logging in, to helpful tips indicating where the app may be found.

Fans familiar to Spotify will be aware that the company offers both a paid and free service. A free subscription to the streaming platform comes with a range of drawbacks.

Users on a free subscription are subject to:

  • Advertisements that interject between tracks.
  • A limited number of song skips per day.
  • Online listening only. Tracks cannot be downloaded.
  • A limited range of tracks and songs.
  • Lower quality audio.

A Spotify premium subscription will on average cost a user £9.99 a month. However, certain discounts, plans and bonuses can usually be found if you look hard enough. Spotify is currently accessible through Xbox One, PC, PS4 and mobile/tablet devices. There are currently no known plans to bring the service to Nintendo Switch. For all the latest Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC news, keep tuned in right here at Quillstreak.


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