Microsoft’s next major system update for the Xbox One and Windows 10 PC will look to further personalise the gaming experience for players across the globe.

In a video uploaded to Xbox’s official YouTube channel, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson and Platform Engineering’s Mark Ybarra discussed the latest updates that users will face.

Major changes will face players as soon as they boot up the Xbox. Players will be met via a start up screen which Microsoft hope will create a simpler and more accessible user interface.

The Xbox dashboard has four new areas. The first will allow you to resume quickly whatever you’ve recently been playing or watching. There are two options for recommendations that work directly off the recent titles you’ve been playing or are interested in, the first of which works to introduce you to new people (in a recommended friend system) based upon your similar interests. The latter option advertises the latest deals from the Xbox Store that an algorithm deduces will be of significance to the player.

Amongst other changes to the initial dashboard interface there is also a recently used games and apps list which directly links to your library.

Microsoft claim that the latest update works to listen to its fan-base and feedback from the community. The update works to create an interface with greater customisation. The introduction of content blocks allows users to pin specific areas to their homepage allowing them to experience the latest updates with news, their friends or their games. It allows for a minimalist or packed design in a fairly easy system which is simply created by selecting an add to home button in the menus.

Microsoft claim to have streamlined the Xbox guide, with a horizontal tab system which can be navigated using the bumpers on the controller. The new guide also allows for a multiple layered menu for quicker access.

This latest update comes after a number of changes to the Xbox dashboard and interface over the last few years and seems to have divided the community somewhat.

A number of comments on the video argue that the latest update is a backwards step for the console: 


Some people don’t think that Microsoft are actually putting the community’s priorities first:


Whereas some comments just preferred the previous system: 


The latest update has begun rolling out across Xbox’s various alpha rings and will be console-wide by the end of this year.

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