As the release date for Devolver’s online fighting game Absolver approaches, an in-depth look at the games Character Customization system has been revealed!

The system seems to be fairly in-depth, with a great number of options available to make your character unique. It also seems to affect your prowess in combat, which is an intriguing feature that will surely diversify the gameplay in a bold manner.

It appears that you can find clothing through conquering other players in battle but also through a reward system. We also get a sneak peek of the impressive looking combat and some clues to the game’s backstory. It seems that you’re joining a league of warriors who are training you to battle.

In the video, a stern narrator tells us that heavy clothes can weigh players down but also make them hit harder, a tradeoff you may have to consider when Absolver hits PC & PS4 on August 29.

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