Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe has announced that from now until the 29th August, the premium PlayStation Plus membership will be on offer. The offer grants players an additional three months when they purchase a 12-month subscription giving fans access to the online service for a total of 15 months at the price of £39.99.

The news comes after the controversial decision by Sony to increase the price of the paid membership by an additional twenty-five percent. Beginning in September, PlayStation Plus will cost players a total of £49.99 per year instead of the standard £39.99. Sony delivered the news via email at the end of July and it has been met with a mixed reception. There is yet to be any concrete evidence suggesting that players will benefit from the price jump.

It should be noted that players subscribed to PlayStation Plus not only gain access to the systems online features but are also granted access to a range of free games delivered via download every month. In the past the service has presented players with free access to titles such as Until Dawn, Killing Floor 2 and Rocket League. These titles can be accessed and played throughout the entire time that a person is signed up to the premium membership. The hope is that with the price increase players will be granted access to more consistent top quality games.

Augusts free titles include Just Cause 3, Indie masterpiece Downwell, Interactive Co-op title That’s You and Assassin’s Creed Freedom Cry for a total of 76.96 in reductions. There are also titles available for PS Vita and PlayStation 3 users. By that count arguably a price increase to 50 pounds for the year isn’t all that unfair. However, many questions still remain, there isn’t a choice in the free games per month, players are just presented with a list and if they don’t like them then there isn’t an alternative solution.

For access to the exclusive limited PlayStation, offer players can head over to the PlayStation Store.

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