Devolver Digital and Sloclap’s upcoming third person brawler, Absolver, will be highly focused on multiplayer. Both players who want to test their might against people all over the world and those that would rather join forces with friends to explore will be able to experience many different modes in addition to choosing a range of features such as private sessions. Information on this and much more can be found in the latest trailer, released less than two weeks from the game’s official launch across PlayStation 4 and PC.

Get those bandages ready, pick a mask and prepare yourself for a world filled with friendly and not so friendly encounters. Absolver presents itself as a fighting and exploration experience that can be played by yourself, with a couple of friends or with any player online. This affects not only how cautious we’ll have to be, but also to how the game’s systems will play out. Players will find different kinds of people, some will grant practice by introducing themselves with brute force, while others may grant enlightment and teach new moves to an already vast pool of punches and kicks combinations.

Mentors are key for the experience. Fighters who become students will gradually progress in their training, but will be granted with an unique advantage from the start: students are able to use the combat moveset from their mentors, including movements and attacks they haven’t learned yet. Most of these experienced fighters will be hidden in different places and sanctuaries, but seeking them will reward players greatly. Unique trials that change over time and even 1 vs 1 matches are just a few of the instances where fans will get to test their might against others, putting what they’ve learned into practise.

After an extensive beta period, the player feedback asked for many things that according to them would be a great addition to Absolver. Some of them involved 3 vs 3 and ranked matches, as well as tournaments, and it has been confirmed by the developers that they will be arriving as free updates after the game’s release. Some additional info, found during the past few days in Absolver’s Twitter account revealed that there will be a major PvE focused update 4 to 6 months after launch; communication limited to emotes and signs; and the option to limit online to Friends only or disable it completely.

Absolver will be out on Playstation 4 and PC this August 29th; pre-orders for both versions are already available in their respective digital stores at a discounted price. Additionally, there is a limited physical edition for the game, along with a collector’s edition that includes a wearable mask in SpecialReserveGames.

You can visit Sloclap’s official site for more information, and don’t forget to say hi to both Devolver Digital and the developers over on Twitter.

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