Gamescom 2017 kicked off in Cologne earlier today, and already Nintendo has made some exciting announcements. Included in these announcements was the reveal of three new updates coming soon to Splatoon 2, announced by the game’s director himself, Hisashi Nogami. Two of these updates are ones which fans have been anxious for ever since the game’s release – and it appears that they were well worth waiting for.

If there is one thing that fans have been crying out for, it is the addition of new maps to the game. The existing eight multiplayer stages – Humpback Pump Track, Inkblot Art Academy, Musselforge Fitness, Starfish Mainstage, Sturgeon Shipyard, The Reef, Moray Towers and Port Mackerel – are all in constant rotation, but with only two stages available at a time on each of the gameplay modes and only eight in total to rotate between, some fans have grown bored of them and have been desiring more variety.

As such, Nintendo has surprised fans with a double-whammy at Gamescom, not only announcing the new ‘Manta Maria’ map for Turf War and Ranked Battles, but the new ‘Lost Outpost’ map for the ever-popular Salmon Run as well. Manta Maria is based on a giant sailing boat, with the main battle points being the three huge masts in the centre and the netted areas across the deck, while the Lost Outpost map for Salmon Run consists of an abandoned building with winding pathways and obstructive walls which will require excellent teamwork and strong cooperation to work around.

These new stages can be seen in the announcement video above, and boy, do they look good. Manta Maria is due out very soon – this Saturday, August 26th – while Lost Outpost is out even sooner for both local multiplayer and online, becoming available from tomorrow, August 23rd, once the new update data available has been installed.

In addition to the announcement of the two new stages, a new special weapon, called the ‘Bubble Blower’, is coming to the game. This weapon can fire up to three large bubbles which not only provide protection but explode if doused in your team’s ink, meaning opponents can be easily eliminated if caught in the blast. You have to be careful, however, as the bubbles will disappear if enemies shoot them for long enough, meaning you have to be both quick-thinking and fast-acting if you want to be successful.

The Bubble Blower will first appear in the Forge Splattershot Pro weapon set, which is due for release in the game on September 2nd and looks to be a powerful addition to the already-extensive weapon selection. With new weapons having been periodically added over the past few weeks, and with lots of new ones planned for the future, players are sure to have a wide range of weapons to choose from to find the ones that suit them and their playstyle best.

What are your thoughts on these new Splatoon 2 updates? Are you excited to play on the new multiplayer maps and use the Bubble Blower against your enemies? Let us know in the comments, and as always, stick with us here at Quillstreak for all the latest Splatoon 2 news. Stay fresh! (Or, y’know, don’t get cooked, stay off the hook, and all that jazz.)

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