The intriguing cyberpunk shooter from Reikon Games and Devolver Digital, RUINER, is releasing on September 26th for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. After its first appearance during Devolver’s E3 Conference, the trailer “Ugly Heart” appeared alongside the launch announcement, but with a new addition at the end revealing a never before seen boss fight.

This top-down fast paced title features a vast variety of weapons and special attacks that you’ll need to master in order to defend yourself from the gangs that want us dead. After the protagonist’s brother gets kidnapped, an unknown hacker lends a hand in finding him. Don’t expect this to be an easy task though, and only time will tell if the hacker is not using the main character’s abilities for her own gain. At present, not much is known about the story, but previous trailers showcased how it might be possible to talk with people in different towns, accept quests and deal with hordes and hordes of enemies.

Players will be set in Rengkok, a futuristic city set in the year 2091. The theme and age is not only reflected in each environment and character design, but also in the weapons and movements at your disposal. These include the traditional plasma rifle and pulse railgun, a high-voltage cannon called Elektra, an ultrasonic gun, a lighting bolt generator and much more. RUINER’s focus is on combat, and it offers many tools to engage numerous enemies at once, dealing blows from one to another in a matter of seconds thanks to moves such as quick dash.

RUINER remains as mysterious as it was on day one, but the official site features a bit more information regarding the game’s gadgets and some of the notorious gangs that plague of the city. Additionally, there is a short comic that serves as a prologue to the story. As always, don’t forget to say hi to both the developers and Devolver Digital on Twitter. KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL

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