Out of nowhere, I’ve woken up to a plot summary for the next Half-Life game. Not fanfic, either, this comes straight from the horse’s mouth. Marc Laidlaw is a writer who worked on the critically acclaimed Half-Life series until Valve seemingly stopped caring about it and focused on their eSports.

Luckily for ardent fans of single-player Valve, Laidlaw has gifted us with a gender-swapped tongue-in-cheek but totally real plot summary of Half-Life 2: Episode Three. If you recall you may have seen the Arctic concept art that was leaked way back when and got fans excited for nothing. As theorized at the time, the game would have followed Gordon and Alyx traversing Icy slopes to find the Borealis (that huge ship from the easter egg in Portal 2) , getting into diplomatic troubles, finding Dr Breen as a brain-slug, and then driving said ship into the Combine’s ‘Invasion Nexus’ seemingly ending their onslaught.

You can read the whole thing here. Laidlaw’s website went down pretty quickly so this handy Pastebin makes up for that, and even genderswaps the characters back to their real names for your reading pleasure.

Sounds like it would have been an incredible game, but once you get past that, you realize that this is an incredible game we may never see if it’s now fair game for ex-writers to post up plot summary’s seemingly after the game’s NDA has run out. A huge shame to see such an awesome franchise get to this lowly point, but how about that DotA CCG, guys? Right?

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