A few days ago, Blizzard Entertainment released their newest animated Overwatch short, titled ‘Rise and Shine’. Standing at ten minutes long, this animation has Mei as its primary character, depicting her origin story as an agent of Overwatch working at the Ecopoint base in Antarctica – and going into really quite harrowing detail.

At the beginning of the short, a cheerful Mei is seen to be making a video diary of her work and experiences at Ecopoint, announcing to the camera that due to a shortage of rations, herself and the crew are going to be cryogenically frozen until a later date. Sipping from a Murloc mug (based on the creatures in World of Warcraft, Blizzard’s most notorious IP) and laughing at the antics of a mischievous Snowball (Mei’s robot companion), Mei has no idea of what is to come, just innocently speculating as to the data her sensors might collect in the time that she and her team are ‘hibernating’.

Fast-forward nine years, and Mei awakens from cryostatis to find a severe snow storm has damaged the Ecopoint base and caused the malfunction of every cryochamber except her own – resulting in the death of all of her colleagues, and draining the majority of the base’s power supplies. As the only survivor, it is up to Mei to contact the outside world and relay the valuable information she and her team suffered so much to collect to a reforming Overwatch – which proves to be no easy task.

Though Mei’s grief is difficult to watch, the short introduces how Mei became who she is today and what her role in Overwatch was in the past – and as such, it is worth every second you spend watching it (I would definitely recommend keeping a box of tissues nearby, though). You may have thought that Tracer and Widowmaker’s showdown in ‘Alive’ was a rollercoaster ride, but let me tell you, this ten-minute wonder is, even more, a-Mei-zing (Sorry! Sorry, sorry, sorry…) and you don’t want to miss it.

What did you think of Mei’s origin story? Did you cry as much as we did? Let us know down in the comments, and to keep up-to-date with all of the latest Overwatch news, be sure to stay right here with us at Quillstreak.

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