Red Dead Redemption 2 has been delayed until ‘Spring 2018’, but that won’t stop us speculating about what we would like to see in the online component.

Rockstar’s last masterpiece Grand Theft Auto V launched with insurmountable financial success. Alas, the real moneymaker has been multiplayer mode GTA Online and it’s notorious in-game currency system, ‘Shark Cards’.

Due to players taking to it in droves, Rockstar has been able to rack upwards of 500 million dollars from GTA Online. This pocket money has been used to fund consistent updates that have been free since launch.

Updates include the recent Gunrunner DLC which added a bunch of awesome online modes, as well as a number of things to buy, just in case you thought you could stop buying those pesky credit cards.

Knowing this seems to be Rockstar’s formula for the near future, what can we extrapolate about the state of Red Dead Redemption 2’s inevitable multiplayer mode?

Hopefully, it will be more vast than what we became accustomed to in its predecessor. Aside from an increase in map size, I hope we see more story driven co-op missions, such as hunting together in groups. . Maybe they could give us a western equivalent of heists; such as train robberies and hold ups.

Being able to partake in bar brawls after a bad loss at a poker table would be awesome, and maybe they could even give us a western equivalent of heists; such as train robberies and hold ups.

For competitive PVP, apart from your standard team deathmatch fair, I would love to see a mechanic in which you can challenge players to a duel on the spot. Even let others gamble on the outcome. (Esports, Anyone?)

I also hope we see a return of the types of animal you can ride based on your level. Basically, I want the triumphant return of donkeys, as nothing beats your squad trotting about at 10mph on a herd of mules, looking like jackasses!

It’d be nice to see some more in depth character customisation too. In the original RDR you had to pick a predefined character and who wasn’t going to choose protagonist John Marston himself?

GTA Online had a seemingly half-baked heritage system in which you could choose your parents from a number of presets. You, the ‘offspring’, often looked like some weird Tolkien-esque amalgamation of them both.

What I hope we don’t see is a reliance on in-game currency to succeed. Paying for ‘Cougar Cards’ would do nought but kill my hype for the forthcoming online mode.

Further, I hope this time, unlike GTA V we get some tangible story DLC, and specifically, I mean Undead Nightmare 2!

Not only was the first a brilliantly wacky departure from the tone of the base game, but shooting zombies on horseback was simply a load of fun. Who could forget the four horses of the apocalypse too, or the Sasquatch missions?

As a part of the DLC Rockstar could even switch up the Wild West pedestrians with zombies,  a true ‘Westworld’ where you and your friends have to fight for survival or contend with other player gangs to survive the Undead Nightmare.

Of course, the above are just a few suggestions for what Rockstar could do in Red Dead Redemption 2’s online mode. What are you hoping to see?

Ben Messenger
31, born on Friday the 13th, mind of a twelve year old. Loves shooting people in video games (guns are really hard to come by in England.) Tall, beard wearing Geordie who has one girlfriend and four house rabbits. Find me Twittering @BenithMessenger

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