SloClap and Devolver Digital, the synergetic partnership that delivered the recent release of Ahasver have released the game’s soundtrack on vinyl.

The title’s score combines over twenty different original tracks developed by award-winning composer Austin Wintory. The composer’s previous work in the game’s industry proves an impressive haul, the composer having previously worked on such titles as; Journey, Abzu, and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. The released album includes a brand new exclusive track co-produced by RZA – who, aside from music production, is also known for founding the Wu-Tang Clan.

Building up to Absolver’s release a joint effort between Sloclap and Wintory convinced the Wu-Tang founder to co-produce the final “Risyn Boss Theme” for the combat brawler. RZA, who in the past has been known for his love of both video games and martial arts, worked alongside Austin to bring the final boss to life delivering a theme packed with atmosphere. Wintory initially began working on Absolver during the game’s primary development, assisting in helping the world to breathe a sense of style and substance in an environment where an aesthetic was already strongly suggested. This resulted in a fascinating, balletic score that complements the fluid combat.

It’s down to the work of Laced Records which has led to the title being brought to vinyl. Their team have worked extensively in order to re-master the 20 track compilation to ensure that a physical vinyl copy is now on the market.  The 180g vinyl, delivered in a deluxe gatefold sleeve also features exclusive original artwork by El Huervo who some may know from his previous work on indie favourite Hotline Miami.

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