When it comes to Steamworld games, I often find them to be synonymous with the commute. On a ferry to Amsterdam with no internet, I chucked myself down a mine with a pickaxe and a red scarf to my name and I never looked back.

I wanted that damn ore whilst I sailed softly towards the shore. I enjoyed the feeling of progression and the cute visuals. Sure, it wasn’t groundbreaking, but the game was seriously fun and necessary at the time.

Steamworld Dig 2 is a game that I’ve been following since the Nindies presentation way back when. It looked rad, and as an upgrade to a game that I already found compelling, there was clear space for it on my radar.

When I first sank my teeth into the game I found the same joy I had on that ferry to Amsterdam. This time I was on a busy train to Birmingham for EGX, but the feeling returned. It is the perfect commuter game. Pick it up and drop it like a hot potato, but like the starchy treat itself, the consistency is always going to be there.

The premise is fairly simple. You’re a robot called Dorothy. You’re looking for the protagonist of the previous title. Here’s a mine. There are bugs in it, but also resources that can help you become the best damn prospector this side of El Mancino. Good luck.

Now that we’re caught up, we can talk about everything that rocks about Steamworld Dig 2. Let’s talk graphics. My god, is this game smooth. The animations are gorgeous, and Dorothy glides about the shop with a lot of grace. Passion oozes out of every dark corner of this fine game. Textures are lovely, and the fun robot (and human) characters you encounter have awesome designs.

The soundtrack is already drilled (mind the pun) into my head and It’s only been a day or two of excavation. Old west steampunk vibes, mashing the future with the past creates a cacophony of easy listening that compliments the long play hours you will be putting into this title.

The clank of your axe on rocks and the sound effects with water are all lovely and crisp coming out of the Switch speaker, and this experience is augmented by the use of HD Rumble. This forgotten feature of the Switch finds its feet in Steamworld Dig 2. Every swing of the axe has resistance, and the Jackhammer reverberates in your hands. Image & Form draw you into the atmosphere seamlessly with the visuals, but the implementation on the Switch platform makes this title a definite buy.

For a console with a limited library, a game like Steamworld Dig 2 is perfect to pad out the distance between big titles, despite the fact that it rests on its own laurels as an excellent game.

Gameplay is of course, repetitive by nature, but you won’t care due to the constant progression and diverse locales found in the mines. Secret shafts let you find artefacts and upgrades, incentivizing exploration and graft.

“Every swing of the axe has resistance, and the Jackhammer reverberates in your hands. Image & Form draw you into the atmosphere seamlessly with the visuals, but the implementation on the Switch platform makes this title a definite buy”

There are plenty of items to find and an exorbitant amount of upgrades to add to them, meaning that you won’t be bored anytime soon if you’re committed to the ore. If you think about it, Steamworld Dig 2 (and it’s prequel) prove a great point. Most

Most ore hunting adventure games like Minecraft and Terraria need multiplayer to keep them from going stale, yet this game persists, single player and provides a lightning fun experience. What’s the deal? Maybe the former titles can learn a thing or two from Image & Form.

Also, can we talk about your adorable sprite friend who chimes in with the snark every so often, as well as providing tips when necessary? He kicks ass. All of the intriguing fellows hanging around in the hub are also compelling and worth a chat every time you resurface to bank the goods.

Overall, it’s clear that Steamworld Dig 2 has learned from its forebears and the genre as a whole to craft a triumph of a game. The final nail in the wall for me was when the game was teaching me how to play it naturally. To explain, I mean that parts of the tutorial mine were set up to teach you the game without ever actually giving you any clear instructions. A roach dived into some water whilst lunging at me, teaching me that they can’t survive and will drown. Moments like this happen often throughout Steamworld Dig 2, whether intentional or not, and will make you fall in love with this title.

There just seems to be a lot of foresight within the game designed to give you a grasp of the core mechanics without holding your hand. It’s a

It’s a really beautiful thing, folks. And you can have it for yourselves tomorrow when it drops on Nintendo Switch. Forget padding out your library. If you need a quality game with passion in droves, Steamworld Dig 2 is the game for you. Dive in and get digging.

This copy of Steamworld Dig 2 was provided to Quillstreak by developers Image & Form. Our Editor-In-Chief Jordan Oloman spent 8 hours down the pit fighting bugs and making his life fortune.






Review overview
Visuals - 91 %
Audio - 88 %
Gameplay - 92 %
Fun Factor - 94 %
Summary A quintessentially satisfying game about digging for ore. With beautiful animations, score and a progression system that will consume you in the most gorgeous manner possible, Steamworld Dig 2 is absolutely unmissable.
91.25 %
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