Hey, folks. We’re at the big brum bash this week and we’re having a time.

Here’s a rundown of what we got up to gallivanting around the great hall of the gamers.

After a bit of a goose chase looking for our press passes, we finally made it in after watching a half-hour explainer from the Eurogamer boys on a huge screen.

Weirdly, we managed to make it to Super Mario Odyssey without too much trouble, expecting a stampede. After a 15 minute wait we could play, and my gosh, it’s as good as every preview has said.

I took part in the Metro Kingdom, where I took part in a few re-DONK-ulous activities which I shall bullet point for your reading pleasure.

  • Forced Mario to wear a fedora
  • Drove a motor scooter up some stairs
  • Found a secret level in a sewer
  • Shit the bed at jump rope
  • Possessed a human man

Jared was also partial to the Italian stallion but took him on vacation to the Sand Kingdom. Here’s his itinerary.

  • Took a Bullet Bill for a spin
  • Equipped sunshades to stone statues
  • Attempted some “Link Between Worlds” platforming
  • Performed some street performer level hat tricks
  • Tried to steal a fellow sand dweller’s sombrero

It’s safe to say we both thought it was radical. Keeps on giving, and no doubt we’ll be back for more over the weekend.

We then had a quick jaunt on Fifa Switch where I put Jared in his place with an unintentional goal from a lob cross, courtesy of Marcus Rashford. Gameplay was smooth and it looks pretty, but you can’t use skills if you’re both on a singular Joy-Con. Not a dealbreaker, but worth saying, like my class goal.

Sonic Forces was up next. The only passable level was the Sonic-only one. That felt a bit like Sonic Generations in a good way. Everything else is just clunky, especially tag team mode… the addition of avatars doesn’t make sense if they don’t control as fluid as Sonic? The game feels a bit like Sonic Generations 2 but there have been too many cooks and it’s spoiling a half-decent broth.

We played a fun board game called Dobble after this, and that rocked. Could be a great drinking game. You basically spot the similar images on each card and play snap, with images. Top stuff.

We then went to the press office and we had three interviews (more on that later in the week) and a coffee in the presence of Andy Serkis (Gollum) who was kicking back with us pagans in the suite. Jared shook his hand. We didn’t ask him who Snoke is. Mistakes.

Monster Hunter World was up next and was fairly neat. I’ve never played an MH game, but it was enjoyable and felt like a rigorous game with a lot of content already baked in. Possibly a problematic game to demo for 10 minutes considering how expansive it is…

After some dilly-dallying, I finally rocked up to play Honeypot Espionage. This game is very interesting. it’s a VR title where you’re invisible if you stand still. Move about and a blue shimmer will alert your foes. You must stay stealthy as you teleport (and fake teleport) around the room and deal hard lead to your spy compadres. It has a way to go but its core gameplay is genuine and exciting. Check it out!

We also had a quick look at Prowl, a game in the Tranzfuser section developed my University graduates. This is a deathmatch game with bow and arrow but the catch is you have no map or HUD. Therefore, rustling grass and lucky spots are the only way to find your foe and take him out. It’s tense, and a pretty cool idea in process. Hope to hear more soon.

Checked out a few games in the SEGA Leftfield Collection too. Jettomero: Hero of the Universe is one part Katamari and two parts Goggolor from Psychonauts. You blast off between planets and stomp on societies, but you didn’t mean to! Our heroic protagonist is always upset about the pain he causes. Randomly generated bosses, planets and more keep this game fresh and interesting. Think it’s already out on Steam and definitely worth a look.

Rotoring also caught my eye. A purely physical game on an LED ring that you have to navigate, increasing the difficulty each time. Spin around the ring and avoid the red lights. It’s simple, but fun, and a far cry and a decent break from a screen after a full day of them.

Now. Yoku’s Island Express. This came out of nowhere and blew my mind. It’s a platforming game where you roll a ball around as an adorable bug friend. Each environment contains pinball paddles to shoot your little guy about, finding key items and solving intriguing puzzles, I wasn’t ready to leave this gorgeous world when it was all said and done. Definitely something to look out for that fits like a glove on the Switch. Champion.

Oh. Yeah. I also sat on a dragon. Thanks for reading!






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