Good Evening boys and girls, today concludes our second day of Midlands Madness at EGX.

Here’s the round-up for today’s very literal list of fun and games.

This morning, after a very unintentional late snooze and one very confused uber driver later we arrived back at the entrance to EGX. Having rushed to Mario Odyssey yesterday, today it was EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II firmly set in our sights. One twenty minute queue and a Naboo¬†multiplayer battle later and it’s safe to say we were impressed. Battlefront II’s gameplay pushes you to vary up your style as each battle progresses. Open cityscapes allow for the long power of a scoped weapon whilst the winding corridors of inner Naboo’s architecture are certainly more suited to short ranged gunplay. Throw in a range of vehicles, aerial threats and the odd hero class or two and you’ve got a really promising title.

Moving on from Battlefront II we armed ourselves up virtual reality style for a bit of Shooty Fruity. For those who haven’t experienced this barrel of fun, the basic principle is retail… in VR. No, it’s not Job Simulator. During Shooty Fruity your goal is to scan as many items as possible through the till, whilst also fighting back the incoming waves of violent fruit heading your way. Yup, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds, but trust me there’s method to the madness. Conserving ammo and ensuring a steady flow of stock through the till will help you go far in your days as a virtual retailer.

A quick lunchtime round of Dragonball FighterZ presented an interesting art style reflecting that of the anime. Overall, the game handles well and clever tag team switches can be used to deal overwhelming damage to your foes. Whether or not it beats out Dragonball Z Xenoverse though, is yet to be seen.

The afternoon was spent looking towards some of EGX’s more blockbuster titles. An hour queue for Assassin’s Creed was met with a mixed outcome. Whilst the game’s combat felt like a refreshing upgrade from previous titles, an alpha build riddled with bugs, glitches and rendering issues felt disappointing. Hopefully, this isn’t reflective of the final package, with a promising setting and some interesting mechanics, it would be a shame to see the title hampered by poor optimisation.

Following Assassin’s Creed, we turned our attention towards America. Particularly its cultist sector, in FarCry 5. Although experiencing a few issues with framerate FarCry held up reasonably well. The liberation demo was short and swift, however, once the mission finished there was a chance to explore the game’s farmlike setting. Having wasted all my ammunition trying to shoot bottles from walls I met fierce competition after straying too far from the ranch. This, however, is where things got interesting. In a slight moment of confusion, I managed to torch a handful of enemies and a selection of livestock in a mad blaze of glory attempting not to end up dead in the middle of Hope County. Jordan’s time with FarCry 5 played out slightly differently. Having liberated his area, he set himself up lakeside for a spot of fishing.

The highlight of the day, however, came with our final stop. Enter Detroit: Become Human. Oh boy, Quantic Dream, where’s the release date? Firstly, let’s start with the graphics. Sublime. Honestly, some of the best graphics to ever grace console gaming, ever. The game looks incredible, there’s a distinct blur that helps to create an incredible sense of realism throughout the game. In addition, the voice acting is focused and believable. Bryan Dechart’s Connor threads perfectly the line between human and robot perfectly to create a character that fans can really get behind. The game’s writing not only helps us to establish a sense of sympathy for the android protagonist but also helps us to understand the further complex social issues that exist in this automated society. The games customisable narrative arch serves to add tension to each scene where the lives and existence of potential characters can be altered and ended at either a players discretion or their inability to act accordingly.

That’s about all we had time for across our second day at EGX but we’ll be back again in the morning so be sure to check back tomorrow for the latest from Eurogamer Expo.

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