Earlier today, on the corner of Reddit dedicated to all things Overwatch, something adorable happened. Reddit user and apparent Overwatch super fan, FunGuard, was given a loot box.

Unlike most loot box’s, this one wasn’t filled with sprays tags and voice lines for characters you never play. Okay, so there was a Mercy tag inside the box, but that clearly wasn’t the main role of the box. No, the purpose of this little box was to propose.

Inside, was a customised engagement ring in the shape of the heroic Overwatch logo.

It’s more than a little adorable that these two love Overwatch (and I suppose, each other) enough to have a themed engagement. The loot box was made by the proposer and looks really well detailed. Hopefully, their engagement will be more peaceful than the standard Overwatch match.

You can see the original post here, and congratulate the happy couple while you’re at it. For more on Overwatch and the worldwide gaming community, stick with us right here at Quillstreak

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