With Wolfenstein 2 launching in the not so far future, Bethesda is showing off the game’s action-packed style in its official launch trailer. The game’s protagonist, BJ ” Terror Billy” Blazkowicz will team up with a group of resistance fighters set out to push back the occupying Nazi forcing laying siege to America.

This latest venture into the Wolfenstein franchise features an all-new impressive arsenal of fully upgradable sci-fi weaponry, as well as a whole host of improved Nazi fighter’s set to stand in the way of Blazkowicz and his team.

Bethesda’s latest run of marketing for the title caught the eye of many with its strong anti-nazi messages promoted throughout, with a #nomorenazis motto leading the campaign. A statement which is particularly prevalent given the current ongoing socio-political state of affairs in the United States. The title received notable praise at this year’s E3 receiving over 100 different awards across all categories.

Wolfenstein 2 launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC 0n October 27th. The game will also launch for Nintendo Switch sometime in 2018, however, no exact release date has yet been announced.

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