South Park: The Fractured But Whole is fresh on the scene sporting a whole new combat system and a hilarious story based around building a movie franchise akin to Marvel or DC.

However, to get the clout needed to get your Netflix series and movie deal off the ground you need Instagram followers. One of the first puzzles related to this ridiculous in-game system comes in Henrietta’s house on the main strip of residential homes that you start out on.

You can find them in Henrietta Biggle’s room, smoking, listening to emo music and staring intently at a satanic marking on the floor. This is key. They will be reluctant to take a selfie because it’s so conformist, duh! Here’s how you get them to yield.

  • Talk to the far left Goth with the great quiff. He’ll tell you that Henrietta’s tome has been stolen by her brother
  • Head out the room and across the hall and on the left there will be a prompt to enter her brother’s room
  • Head in and find the tome next to his computer desk in the lower left corner
  • Head back and place the tome on the cult markings
  • Use your Snap N Pops power (L2 and hit Square/X) on every candle hidden around the room.
  • The cult marking will respond to the flames, summoning a demon chest with the Arcane suit.
  • The goths will  now follow you on Instagram and let you take your damn selfies

And there you have it. If you need more tips on selfie requirements, make sure you keep it locked here at Quillstreak!


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