Type: Null is one of the most interesting Pokemon in Sun & Moon. Belonging to its equally mysterious trainer Gladion, Null’s creation and design is one of the secrets buried in the Pokemon mythos.

In this article, I’ll be explaining what Type: Null is based on, where it gets its name, and how to use it effectively in battle.

What is Type: Null based on?


Pokemon is no stranger to taking inspiration from outside sources. Type: Null is a perfect example of this as it’s based on real world-mythology, a monster, and the Pokemon mythos. Those being a Chimera, Frankenstein’s Monster and the God-like Pokemon Arceus.

Null also shares a lot of similarities to a creature from Greek mythology known as the Chimera. In Greek mythos, a Chimera is a hybrid animal with the body of a lion, a goat’s head on its back, and a tail with a snake’s head. Type: Null, like the Chimera, is a mixture of multiple creatures although we don’t know exactly which Pokemon are in its makeup.

Type: Null is also very similar to Frankenstein’s monster. They were both created by horrifying scientific experiments, with Type: Null being created by Faba of the Aether foundation to fight UB-life forms.

Null’s design is also in reference to the Poke God Arceus. His neck collar is strikingly similar to Arceus’s body collar. Also, the experiments that led to its creation were inspired by books from the Canalave Library which also reference the Arceus creation myth.

What does Type: Null’s name mean?

Type: Null’s name translates to Type: Nothing due to null meaning ‘nothing’. Other translations such as the French and the Italian change the null part to zero. So the ‘null’ aspect of his name could be a numbering. This would make sense since the Type: Null we see is the first one ever created, with perhaps more to come?

How to use Type: Null in battle


Type: Null has pretty good stats with a base 95 in each except its speed stat where it has a base stat of 59. If you want to use it in battle there are two ways you can. Type: Null can be a pretty decent tank if you get one with a ‘Careful’ nature, and give it the item Eviolite to boost its special defence and defence stat. Then max out HP and special defence and put the remainder in its defence stat. For moves, I recommend teaching it Rest, Sleep Talk, Toxic, and Return or Iron Head for its fourth move.

Popular Pokemon Youtuber pokeaimMD has designed a bulky physical sweeper set for Type: Null. In this set, you’re going to need an ‘Adamant’ nature with the item Eviolite. For stats, you’re going to give it 248 in HP, 208 in ATK, and 52 in speed. The moves you’ll teach your Pokemon will be Sword Dance, Return, Sleep Talk, and Rest.

I find Type: Null to be a fun off-meta Pokemon to use as a sweeper or a tank. As an Eviolite tank, it’s outclassed by Pokemon like Chansey who can stall, set up Stealth Rocks, and use Toxic to poison opponents. A bulky physical sweeper Null with Eviolite is outclassed by Pokemon like Rhydon who has higher stats in hp, attack, defence and has a better movepool. Though if you’re looking for something to use just for fun as a tank or a sweeper on your team I recommend giving it a shot.

Type: Null is one of the most clandestine Pokemon in terms of both origin and design. It’s a Pokemon much like Mewtwo created through dark experimentation by evil people for their own gain. Null is a representation of the dark side of the world of Pokemon, something we don’t get to see that much in this usually bubbly franchise.

What do you think of Type: Null? Who would you take into battle alongside it? Let us know with a comment below.

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