The Chinese company, Tencent, is reportedly developing a mobile port for the Online multiplayer title PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Whilst no release date is yet scheduled, the title will likely not be available until summer 2018 at the earliest.

The original report, translated from Mandarin, claims that the title will look to incorporate all of the features that are currently available within the PC version of the game. Bringing the title across to mobile will be no easy feat. To play PUBG currently requires a fairly competent PC. To bring the same experience to mobile means that the developers will have to find a way to manage a range of aspects on a device with far lower processing power. Whilst internally there are a range of smartphones that support HD streaming and video, a lack of dedicated graphics card will also likely prove to be a difficult hurdle to cross.

That being said, a successful port onto mobile would prove hopeful towards the possibility of a debut on the Nintendo Switch at a later date. Nintendo’s latest hybrid console has the power to run a range of demanding titles in HD when not docked. So far, Nintendo has not made any comments surrounding a Switch port for Battlegrounds.

PUBG developer, Bluehole has yet to officially release any details surrounding the partnership. Their latest focus instead surrounding the new upcoming map which is set to incorporate a dessert theme. At present, Battlegrounds currently only has one playable map, despite this, however, the game remains incredibly popular across its fanbase.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is set to launch on Xbox One December 12th. At present, there are no confirmed plans to bring the title to Sony’s PlayStation 4.

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